See you soon

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To all of my friends and family back in Farmington Missouri.

See you soon, in July.

I will start counting down the days till I see you all.


This will be…..

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a very, very busy summer.

Though we will not be going on my favorite vacation… Branson Missouri.

I will be going home to Grandma R.

Ok, ok, my ‘ old ‘ home.

Joel and I will be spending a month in Missouri.

I can not wait to see trees, rocks, more green grass, and visit…

The christian book store, are old church,  st. joe, the music store and much more.

We will also be going to Camp Sharon!!!

I can not wait, camp is one of my favorite weeks all year!

But before we end up in Farmington, we will end up in Anderson Indiana for NAC.

Joel, Corina, and I will have a great time. Corina is one of my best friends,  we met after the pastors retreat. ( I have no idea why they call it a retreat, It is not at all. ).  She is homeschooled too.   So it will be awesome to spend more than three hours together.

skiing trip

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Last Thursday we went on a ski trip  with our youth group to Wyoming.

About twenty of us went. We skied or snowborded for two days.

Two of our friends took Joel and I on a bigger  trail.  I fell so much that my ski shoes got clogged with snow so much that they would not go back on my skis. The same thing happened with Joel.   We told our friends to go on and we walked.  Joel and I have great friends, they got some one to rescue us on a snowmobile.  After that Joel and I stuck to a littler hill. After we went skiing for the day we went back to the lodge and played games or got in the hot tubs.

I will try to post pictures when the laptop will let me.


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I have posted some new pictures on my Picture page.

Our Birthday

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Monday was Joel’s and My Birthday.

We both got two cool t-shirts and a phone!

Life in Nebraska, and Basketball

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Hi, I Know I have not posted anything in a long time. I’ll just use moving my excuse.

About living in Nebraska,

Fun, enjoyable, and different all in one.

Above the Football field in Trenton.

You know you live in a small town when the bank closes early for football games.

The best thing about living in a small town is that everything is in walking distance.


Above the Chiefs girl team playing basketball.

Above, David giving us directions on what to do if we went in for some one.

I’m slowly learning the sport of basketball. It’s a fun game but much different than anything I have ever done before.

I will try to post more soon(If I can ever find my camera) .


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Hi everyone, I just wanted to say hello.

I like Trenton and I’m having fun.

I will post more later.

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